Reasons to Purchase Shipper Owned Containers SOC

4 Reasons To Purchase Shipper Own Containers (SOC)

# 1 – Loading / Unloading time

If you purchase your own container, you have the ability to load or unload the container at your location and within your time frame. You may have a project that requires the breaking down of machinery or gathering donated goods over a long period of time.

The Alternative would be using a shipping line container. The shipping line will assign a rate that can be daily or weekly known as demurrage. This demurrage is essentially rent and can be very cost-prohibitive if you cannot load or unload the container within a day or two. Demurrage is assigned at both point of origin (where you load the container) as well as point of destination (where you unload the container).

# 2 – Security & Space

Using a shipper-owned container allows you to have the container at your location and store your goods in that secure container.  

The Alternative would be using a shipping line container, due to the demurrage costs, most organizations have to choose to store their goods in a separate warehouse or on-site prior to bringing a shipping line container out to load in a short period of time

# 3 – Shipping Options 

When you own your container, it gives you the option of shipping with any shipping line, which can lead to negotiating the best possible shipping rate.

The Alternative would be using a shipping line container where you are subject to use that line to ship. This can affect the rate, time frame, and which ports that line may or may not service.

# 4 – Move anywhere (Port or Inland)

Shipper own containers can move to any port in the world with a steamship line service.  Also, it can be moved inland in any country in the world without having to be unloaded at the closest port facility.

How do I buy a Shipper Own Container (SOC)?

Call Container Sales Group at 708 998-5548 and we will help you or your International Freight Forwarder with the purchase.  

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