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Shipping container delivery with crane

How Are Shipping Containers Delivered?

Buying a shipping container is one thing; getting it to you is another. To make your life easier and save money while you’re at it, consider purchasing your new or used shipping container from a provider that also delivers, like Container Sales Group. We can deliver empty shipping containers anywhere in the United States.

How are shipping containers delivered?

Here are some of the most common trucks that are used to move 20 ft, 40 ft & 40ft High Cube shipping containers.

Tilt Bed Truck (Rollback or Roll-Off)
Moving a container less than 200 miles, we recommend using a tilt bed truck. Also known as a rollback or roll-off truck.  The bed of this truck will hydraulicly lift behind the truck cab at an angle to let the container slide off with ease as the truck pulls forward.  This means that the driver will arrive on-site and set the container on the ground with no additional equipment.

Flatbed Truck or Step-Deck Trailer

For long delivery distances over 200 miles, we recommend using a flatbed truck or step-deck trailer which are typically the most available and affordable transportation methods.

20 & 40ft Standard (8’ 6” high) containers go on the flatbed, are tightly secured, and are driven to the delivery site.

Any High Cube (9’ 6” high) shipping containers must be delivered on a Step-Deck Trailer, because of highway height restrictions.

The only downside to a flatbed or step-deck truck is it requires a forklift or crane operator to remove the shipping container from the truck at the delivery site at the time of arrival. 

Side Loader Truck or Truck Mounted Crane

A side loader is essentially a truck fitted with a loading system operating on one side for handling shipping containers.  This method is ideal for the delivery of containers that need to fit into constricted spaces or for moving a container over an obstruction like a wall or fence.  Eliminates the need for a crane or forklift.

Container Sales Group uses a Tilt-Body Truck within 200 miles or less of the delivery site.  For longer distances, we use a Flatbed truck which requires a forklift or heavy piece of equipment to remove the container from the bed of the truck.

How to prepare for shipping container delivery

To prepare for your shipping container delivery, you need to first make sure you have the right amount of space to safely deliver the container. 

Container Sales Group will provide you with the space requirements needed for delivery of the size of the container you are considering purchasing. 

It is important to know these requirements to make sure you have enough room for a smooth delivery.

Here is a general rule of thumb:

  • 20ft containers need 50ft straight-line space
  • 40ft containers need 150ft of straight-line space
  • 16ft Height Clearance, and 12ft Width- No wires or trees

Finally, determining where you are going to put the container is very important not only to the delivery space as mentioned above but for the long-term maintenance of your container.  Your ground must be solid, and level, and have a well-drained surface or asphalt, gravel, or even a concrete pad. Keep in mind that the ground needs to be level, especially for a 40ft container for the doors to open and close properly. You might consider placing railroad ties or wood blocks under each of the 4 corner posts of the container at the time of delivery for additional support.

Can I transport a shipping container myself?

If you have your own delivery truck, you have the option to pick up your shipping container from one of our local depot facilities at no extra charge. These depot facilities have the heavy equipment needed to load your empty container on your truck.

If you are concerned that you don’t have the right equipment, contact Highway Logistics, to make sure before moving an empty shipping container safely.

If you don’t have the right equipment, you can contact Container Sales Group to set up your delivery.

Shipping container delivery cost

The cost to deliver an empty shipping container depends on the distance it must travel to get to you. Depending on the number of miles you are located from the depot facility, you could spend on average between $450-$1,200 for a local delivery of less than 200 miles.  Moving an empty container outside of 200 miles could exceed the cost to buy another container.  To keep delivery costs low and minimize the time required for transit, Container Sales Group has locations around the U.S. from which we will deliver.

 We have already done the work of finding top-rated, reputable delivery companies with up-to-date insurance coverage to safely deliver your containers.

Cost to move an empty shipping container across your property.

It may sound like a small job to move your empty container from one place to another on your property.  But for even the shortest moves, you can expect to pay between $ 500 -$1,000.  Keep in mind the trucker charges to get to your location, spend time moving the container, and a return trip back to their original destination.

To learn more about shipping containers, including inspection, maintenance, legal considerations, site preparation, and more, check out Container Sales Group’s Comprehensive Guide To Shipping Containers.

Trust Container Sales Group when you are looking for New & Used Shipping containers for sale and need delivery.  We buy shipping containers direct from the steamship lines to offer our customers the highest quality container at the most competitive prices. Shop all our new and used shipping containers for sale or contact us today at (708) 639-4783 to learn more.

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Container Sales Group buys containers directly from the steamship lines to offer our customers the highest quality containers at the most competitive prices. We’re a women-owned business, established in 1998, and have locations throughout the US.

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