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Shipping Containers for Schools and the Education Industry

Many elementary, middle, high schools, trade schools, community college and major universities have used shipping containers to meet their multiple school needs.
Shipping containers can be for temporary or permanent classrooms, buildings for extra-curricular activities and extra storage space. Most importantly, shipping containers are cost effective compared to other solutions and they free up valuable indoor space.

Advantages of using Shipping Containers for Schools

  • Affordable – Shipping containers provide a cost-effective substitute for conventional storage options.
  • Customizable – They can be modified to suit a wide range of purposes.
  • Strong & Durable – Containers are engineered to be tough and long-lasting.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Shipping containers are often repurposed as cargo containers, which reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.
  • Mobile & Flexible – With a variety of sizes from 10’-20’-40’ length, you can design & build any school building or storage unit. Also, they are portable & easy to move.

Shipping Container Uses

Numerous ways schools get creative in using Shipping Containers

  1. Convert Shipping Containers into Classrooms
    Great solution if your school is running out of space and does not have the budget to build a classroom addition the normal way. Not only can shipping containers be outfitted with all the electric and plumbing hookups, HVAC systems and insulation, but it can be done quickly and with less money than traditional building products.

  2. School Storage
    Below are how different departments in the school use shipping containers for various reasons:
    • Store Sports Equipment
    • Keep Records & Documents Safe
    • Emergency Supply’s
    • Extra Furniture, Equipment & Supplies
    • For School Events & Fundraisers
    • Locker Room Space
    • Food & Supplies
    • During Construction & Renovations
    • Maintenance & Cleaning Equipment

  3. Extracurricular, Workshop, Special Lab Rooms
    Shipping containers provide schools with quick and affordable ways to add climate-controlled, portable, and durable enclosures.

  4. On-Site Library
    Create an on-site, portable library. Easily insulate and add lighting and shelves at an affordable cost.

  5. Dorm Rooms
    Students can live in residential units made from the refurbished steel shipping containers converted into student dorms. Built without the extensive construction timelines and hefty price tags using traditional building methods.

Final Thoughts from Container Sales Group

Shipping containers offer schools and the educational industry benefits that go beyond cost-effectiveness. These adaptable structures offer schools the opportunity to embrace sustainability, flexibility, and innovation. By utilizing shipping containers, schools can create more space, store items, and provide safe and secure areas for students and staff.

Container Sales Group offers many types and sizes new & used. We are located throughout the United States and offer delivery services placing containers on the ground. If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to your school’s space needs, our Shipping Containers are an excellent choice. Contact us today to request a quote.

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Purchasing Questions

Once you decide the size of the container and if you need delivery, we will email you an invoice to purchase with the following provided information: Name/Company Name, Billing & Delivery Address, Email Address and how to position the container on the delivery truck (container doors sliding off back of truck and hitting ground first or last). Upon receipt of your payment, either delivery will be scheduled or we will provide you with pick up/release information which is the depot facility address & pick up number.

Payment can be made by ACH, Wire Transfer, Mailed Check, Overnight payment, Major Credit or Debit Card.
Sorry we do not offer financing.
Sorry we do not rent containers or offer rent to purchase.
Since we will invoice from the state of Illinois, only sales tax will apply to customers with an Illinois address.

Delivery Questions

Once we receive payment on your invoice to purchase a container and agree on a delivery date. The truck driver will call the contact you provided us once the container is loaded on the truck to advise he is on his way to your location.

Delivery depends on the distance of your location from where we store our containers. Call our office at 708 627-2725 and we will provide you with a delivery quote.

Containers are typically delivered with a tilt-bed roll off truck. The driver tilts the bed up and the container slowly slides off onto the ground as the driver then pulls out from under the container. For a 20ft long storage container, you will need about 75ft of straight line clearance. For a 40ft long storage container, the truck and trailer will need about 110ft of straight line clearance.

We will deliver on cement, pavement, asphalt, gravel, grass & dirt, provided the surface is not too soft. However, we strongly recommend that you choose a site that is as level as possible. If the storage container is not level, the container doors may be hard to open and close. The surface area where you place your container should also have adequate drainage to avoid sinking.

Yes, there is no fee to load the container on your delivery truck.
Yes, railroad ties/landscape timber can be placed under the container to lift it up. The truck driver can help you at time of delivery. Please note, we do not provide the railroad ties/landscape timbers.
Not typically. Because the unit is considered a temporary structure, most zoning regulations do not require a permit. Contact your local municipality to find out the specific requirements for your area.
Yes, in some locations we can move or relocate your container. Please give our office a call at 708 627-2725 to discuss further.
Container deliveries are typically Monday thru Friday. But we do work with some trucking companies who will deliver on the weekend for an extra fee.
Yes, an authorized representative must be there for delivery.
We strive to deliver storage containers to fit your needs. Generally, delivery can take place in 3 to 5 days business days from time of order.
All used containers may have some exterior rust, dings, dents & maybe patches but nothing so significant that affects the structural aspect of the container. At Container Sales Group, we offer a water/wind tight guarantee at the time of delivery or pick-up. We ask our customers to thoroughly inspect the container at the time of delivery or pick-up to ensure it is water/wind tight. If there are any issues, we will work with the customer to replace the container, refund their money or assist in fixing the container.