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Shipping Containers

Types of Containers

Double Doors on One End of the container (New/One Trip & Used)

Grey double door shipping container for sale

Double Doors on Both Ends of the container, also known as Tunnel Containers making it easy to access on both ends of the shipping container. (New/One Trip & Used)

Open Sided Containers have double doors located on one end of the container and the entire length of one side wall completely opens with additional pair of bi-fold doors. This is helpful when loading and unloading oversized materials. (New/One Trip Only)

Grey open top container for sale with blue tarp

Open Top Containers have an open-top covered by a tarp instead of a solid roof. This enables oversized cargo such as timber and scrap metal to be loaded from the top. (New/One Trip Only)

New standard 20ft container for sale in grey

New Containers

New Containers also are often called One-Trip, One-Way or One-Use. These containers were built overseas and made a one-way move with cargo from the manufacturer to the United States.

Used Containers

Used Containers have been used to move a wide variety of products all over the world and are now retired from the steamship lines and leasing companies. These containers are made from strong Corten Steel and come in different conditions as noted below.


IICL Containers
(For Ocean Export)

IICL Containers have strict repair standards for used containers from the Institute of International Container Lessors. IICL does not define the age of a container rather that the repairs made to the container have passed the strictest criterion out there.


Cargo Worthy Containers
(For Ocean Export)

Cargo Worthy Containers are for international cargo transport under CSC criterions and include a CSC plate. Container Sales Group will hire a professional to survey the container and provide a written survey certificate per your request. Aesthetically, cargo worthy containers all have some exterior rust, dings, dents & professional welded patches, marine grade laminated plywood flooring and be ready for ocean export. The quality of the container also makes it an ideal option for people looking for as a ground-level, portable storage option or to build with.

Container 2

Water/Wind Tight Containers (For Storage)

Water/Wind Tight Containers are retired from the steamship lines. These units may have exterior rust, dings, dents, or professional welded patches, but the flooring will be solid & doors operational for Water/Wind condition. All containers are inspected at the depot facility prior to pick-up or delivery. Many people use these containers for ground-level storage or for building purposes as they cannot be used for ocean export.