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Shipping Containers for Sale Omaha, NE

Omaha, located in Nebraska,  is a  transportation hub where intermodal shipping contianers s are transported both by rail and road throughout the city.  The city’s extensive network of railroad freight routes and interstate highway systems, allows Omaha to be a hub for shipping containers.  Container Sales Group offers new and used shipping containers through our well stocked depot facility in Omaha, Nebraska.  We also offer professional delivery and convenient pick up options.

Popular Shipping Container Uses in Omaha

In Omaha, shipping containers have been repurposed for a variety of innovative and practical uses, reflecting the city’s growing interest in sustainable and flexible design solutions. Here are some popular applications:

  • Affordable Housing: Due to their modularity and cost-effectiveness, shipping containers are increasingly being used in Omaha to create affordable housing solutions. These can range from single-unit homes to multi-family complexes, often featuring modern designs and sustainable elements.
  • Commercial Spaces: Entrepreneurs and business owners are utilizing shipping containers to set up unique commercial venues such as cafes, boutique shops, and offices. Their robust structure and ease of customization make them ideal for such conversions.
  • Event Venues: Shipping containers are also used in Omaha for creating dynamic event spaces. They can be stacked and arranged to form stages, booths, and other temporary structures for festivals, concerts, and community events.
  • Urban Farms and Gardens: Containers are employed as part of urban agriculture initiatives, serving as greenhouses or storage units for gardening tools and supplies.

These uses showcase the versatility of shipping containers and their potential to contribute to urban development and innovation in Omaha.

Stacked shipping containers to create a home

Benefits Of Building with Shipping Containers in Omaha

Shipping containers are made with strong Cor-Ton steel, which makes them a good option for the construction of homes and buildings. The prices of the custom-built shipping container homes range from $50,000 to $500,000 depending on the features that are important to you. Repurposed shipping container homes are more environmentally friendly, allowing you to re-use materials that may eventually end up in a landfill.

Sizes of Containers for Sale in Omaha, NE

Container Sales Group offers a variety of container sizes depending on your needs. 20- and 40-ft. containers are available to buy both new and used. Looking for containers to build a space for your home or business? Read our guide on shipping container uses.

20ft. Shipping Containers:
20ft. containers are the most commonly used size. If you are looking to transport heavy cargo like machinery or raw materials, this may be the right container size for you.

40ft. Shipping Containers:
40ft. containers are, unsurprisingly, best for transporting bulkier items that may not fit into 20ft. containers, including furniture, vehicles, or large clothing shipments.

40ft. High Cube Containers:
If you need even more space than is offered by a standard 40ft. container, consider a 40ft. high cube, which offers an extra foot of vertical space compared to the 40ft. standard.

Buy Shipping Containers in Omaha, NE

Container Sales Group is Omaha’s leading supplier of in stock New & Used shipping containers. We partner directly with the steamship lines to offer our customers the highest quality container at the most competitive prices in Omaha. 

Our 20 ft. & 40 ft. shipping containers are available in standard, high cube, open side, open top, double doors both ends and open top options. Click below to request a quote or call us at (708) 639-4783. and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have on container needs or pricing. Not sure what you need yet? Learn more about some of the container types we offer below.

We Sell New and Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Omaha, NE

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Why Omaha Buys From Container Sales Group

Since 1998, as a wholesaler of new, used & specialized shipping containers in Omaha, Container Sales Group offers quality products at competitive pricing. We have sold to many F500 businesses, schools, builders, farmers, freight forwarders, and residential customers with industry-leading customer service. See our Google reviews »

Delivery Options in Omaha

Tilt Body Truck

Container Sales Group uses a tilt body truck (also known as a roll-off truck) for delivering shipping containers less than 200 miles.  The bed of this truck will hydraulicly lift behind the truck cab at an angle to let the container slide off with ease as the truck pulls forward.  This means that the driver will arrive on-site and set the container on the ground with no additional equipment.

Flatbed Truck

For long delivery distances over 200 miles, Container Sales Group uses a flatbed truck or step-deck trailer which are typically the most available and affordable transportation method.  20 & 40ft Standard (8’ 6” high) containers are loaded on a flatbed truck, tightly secured, and driven to the delivery site.  Any High Cube (9’ 6” high) shipping containers must be delivered on a Step-Deck Trailer, because of highway height restrictions.  The only downside to a flatbed or step-deck truck is it requires a forklift or crane operator to remove the shipping container from the truck at the delivery site.

We Deliver Within 150 Miles of Omaha Using a Tilt-Body Truck

Container Sales Group has partnered with local, professional delivery companies that are properly insured to move shipping containers. They use tilt body/roll-off trucks to safely deliver your shipping container. Drivers require the following space for delivery:

• 20ft Container needs 50-75ft straight-line space
• 40ft or 2 x 20ft (moved together) Container need 120-130ft straight-line space
• Both sizes need 12ft width and 13ft of height clearance (16ft when trailer is tipped)

Delivery Cities Include:

Wilmington, Atlantic City, Hackensack, Moorestown-Lenola CDP, Camden, Newark, Glassboro borough, Jersey City, Flemington borough, Trenton, Perth Amboy, Long Branch, Parsippany CDP, Toms River CDP, Paterson, Pennsville CDP, Somerset CDP, Hopatcong borough, Elizabeth, Phillipsburg, New York, Sidney village, Poughkeepsie, New York, Hempstead village, New York, Kiryas Joel village, Mahopac CDP, New York, New York, New City CDP, Brentwood CDP, Monticello village, Kingston, Yonkers, Reading, Levittown CDP, Palmerton borough, West Chester borough, Bloomsburg, Chester, Scranton, Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, East Stroudsburg borough, Norristown borough, Bethlehem, Philadelphia, Hemlock Farms CDP, Pottsville, Forest City borough, Honesdale borough, Tunkhannock borough

Delivery Zip Codes Include:

68101, 68102, 68103, 68104, 68105, 68106, 68107, 68108, 68109, 68110, 68111, 68112, 68114, 68116, 68117, 68118, 68119, 68120, 68122, 68124, 68127, 68130, 68131, 68132, 68134, 68135, 68136, 68137, 68138, 68139, 68142, 68144, 68145, 68152, 68154, 68155, 68157, 68164, 68172, 68175, 68176, 68178, 68179, 68180, 68182, 68183, 68197, 68198

Quality, Affordable Shipping Containers for Sale in Omaha, NE

Omaha Weather and Shipping Containers

Shipping container twist lock

In Omaha, the weather can pose some challenges to the use of shipping containers due to the city’s diverse climate conditions. Here’s how the local weather can impact shipping containers and some tips on how to manage these challenges:

  • Temperature Extremes: Omaha experiences hot summers and cold winters. Metal containers can heat up or cool down quickly, which can affect the items stored inside. To mitigate this, insulation can be added to containers to maintain a more stable internal temperature. Additionally, reflective paints or coatings can help deflect solar radiation during the summer months.
  • Humidity and Condensation: Omaha’s humidity can lead to condensation inside containers, which might damage goods stored within. Proper ventilation is crucial to minimize this risk. Containers can be equipped with vent modifications that help reduce moisture buildup without allowing water ingress.
  • Strong Winds and Storms: Omaha is susceptible to severe storms and strong winds, especially during spring and summer. It’s important to ensure that containers are securely anchored to prevent them from being moved or damaged by high winds. Containers can be anchored with twist locks or by being bolted to a concrete foundation.
  • Snow and Ice: In winter, snow and ice can accumulate on and around containers. Regular maintenance to clear these accumulations is important to prevent structural damage or rusting from prolonged exposure to moisture. Snow accumulation on the roof should be regularly cleared to avoid overloading the container structure.
  • Rust and Corrosion: While shipping containers are made from Corten steel, which is designed to resist weather-related corrosion, regular inspections and maintenance are necessary. Any signs of rust should be promptly addressed with rust-proofing paint and repairs to maintain the integrity of the container.

Implementing these precautions will help maintain the functionality and longevity of shipping containers used in Omaha, ensuring they remain safe and effective for storage, housing, or any other application despite the challenging local weather conditions.

Here are some additional tactics on trying to keep control of the air quality inside your shipping container in the summer – or year-round if you’re in a harsh climate:

  • Place your shipping container in the shade out of direct sunlight.
  • Place a moisture absorber at each end of the shipping container to absorb moisture. It’s inexpensive but requires monitoring and regular replacement based on the humidity level.
  • Install cross-ventilation windows.
  • Install extractor fans to purge hot air.
  • Arrange items inside the shipping container in a way that will increase airflow – stack them off the floor on shelves or clean pallets and avoid storing items too closely together.
  • Regularly check the humidity inside your shipping container with a moisture meter or temperature gun. That way, you’ll know if you need to do something to better control the air quality before any contents get damaged.
  • Set the shipping container on gravel or 6-inch pressure-treated blocks for better air circulation.
  • Keep the shipping container on high ground to avoid flooding and standing water.
  • Keep the roof clear of leaves and moss since they trap moisture.
  • Separate containers by 6 feet for better airflow.
  • Keep air vents unblocked.
  • Avoid storing anything inside with high moisture content.


Shipping Container Ventilation

Omaha Shipping Containers FAQs

The container itself does not require title or registration in the United States. Only vehicles with wheels require titles like a car, boat trailer, semi-trailers, etc.

Shipping container prices vary depending on the size and condition you need. 

Container Sales Group can deliver with a tilt body truck (roll off) where the container will slide off the back of the truck to place safely on the ground. For any distance of over 200 miles, we offer a flatbed delivery service, where the customer is required to have a heavy piece of equipment available to lift container off the truck at time of arrival.

  • 20ft containers need 50ft straight-line space
  • 40ft containers need 150ft of straight-line space
  • 16ft Height Clearance, and 12ft Width
  • Or you can pick up the container at one of our local depot facilities

We can deliver directly on the ground if it is a level, solid and well drained surface. Outside of solid ground, other options include asphalt, gravel, or concrete. At time of delivery, you may consider placing railroad ties or wood blocks under each of the 4 corner posts of the container for additional support.

You certainly want to purchase from a reputable dealer, since there are a lot of scammers in this industry.  Over last 25 years, Container Sales Group has sold to F500 businesses, schools, builders, farmers, freight forwarders, residential customers with industry leading customer service, quality containers at a fair price. Always make sure to check out reviews on Google!