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Open Top Shipping Containers for Sale

Open Top Shipping Container Dimensions & Specifications

Open top shipping containers provide 1,169 square feet (20 foot version) of interior space which is perfect for jobs that only allow for small/tight containers.

Exterior Dimensions

Interior Dimensions

Door Clearance


Open Top Container FAQs

Open top containers are very similar to typical 20- and 40 -foot shipping containers, but replace a typical solid roof with a
tarp. This still keeps freight protected and dry, but provides extra flexibility for top-loading and transporting oversized or abnormally shaped cargo such as…

  • Timber
  • Construction supplies & equipment


    Scrap metal


    Tractor tires


    Large engines and turbine parts


    Rail parts & equipment

Although neither has a top, open top containers have all four sides, unlike flat rack containers, which only have two. Open top containers also tend to use heavy-duty tarps to provide wind and rain protection for container contents.
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