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The Environmental Benefits of Reusing Shipping Containers

Sustainability in shipping containers is a growing trend due to several reasons.

Plywood floors on the interior of a shipping container.

Corten Steel

Shipping containers are built using Corten Steel & are designed to last for over 25 years or more with proper maintenance. They can be reused for various purposes, such as storage buildings, living spaces, work areas, bathrooms, retail & office space, and more. This helps minimize container waste and reduce the need for new materials.

Modified in a factory

Shipping containers can be modified in a factory before being transported to the site, which reduces the environmental impact of construction. A study found that factory produced buildings can produce up to 45% less carbon than traditional construction.

Recyclable materials

Shipping containers are made of durable and recyclable materials that can withstand harsh conditions and reduce the amount of waste generated during transportation and disposal.

Modular construction

Shipping containers are part of a larger movement towards modular construction, which involves creating construction elements in a factory instead of onsite. Modular construction can save time, money, and resources compared to traditional construction.

So, if you are looking at different options for your storage or building needs, buy a repurposed or used shipping container which gives them a second chance that helps to lower the environmental impact along with conserving natural resources.

Also, as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction methods since shipping containers are extremely strong and durable and will outlast most wooden structures. Now, join Container Sales Group and let’s help reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint!  To find out what kind of shipping containers Container Sales Group has available, get a quote on a shipping container today.

Container Sales Group Sustainability Pledge

We pledge to continuously improve our practices and policies to align with the best environmental and social standards.

We pledge to reduce waste, save on resources, and help to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Provide paid days off for employees to volunteer in hunger-related activities that repurpose food to help serve local food pantries in the Chicagoland area.

Sustainability Trends for Using Shipping Containers

The Benefits for The Environment & Society

  • Shipping containers are durable, versatile, and easy to transport. They can be reused for different applications, such as housing, classrooms, offices, retail, hospitality, construction, storage, temporary or permanent workspaces and more.

  • Shipping containers reduce waste and save resources. They can be recycled or repurposed into new products, such as furniture, art, or even medical devices.

So how can your business take advantage of the environmental benefits of using shipping containers?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Use shipping containers for storage, building or transportation: If you need additional storage space or have goods to transport, consider using shipping containers. Not only will they provide a durable and secure solution, but are designed to be stackable, which allows for efficient use of space.

  • Convert shipping containers into temporary or permanent homes, workspaces, schools/universities, fire training facilities, agriculture, or commercial space. Their versatility allows for the repurposing of shipping containers, reducing the need for new materials and construction, and replacing them with eco-friendly alternatives for traditional building methods. This allows you to use environmentally conscious products on the interior. Spray Foam insulation, solar panels & low E glass windows. To enhance the energy efficacy.

  • Use shipping containers for creative projects. For example, using shipping containers to provide & support affordable housing, educational facilities and emergency shelters and help make a difference in the world.

The Bottom Line - Shipping Containers:

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