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Shipping Container Locks For Sale

Purchase Locks for Containers and Keep Your Belongings Safe

Container Twist Lock

Mytee Products (8 Pack) Sea Rail Shipping Container Manual Twist Lock Left-Right Handlocking Casting Steel - No Lever Required

Dovetail Twist Lock Base

Mytee Products (8 Pack) Dovetail Twist Lock Base 45 Degrees. Material: High Quality Casting Steel. Surface Treatment: Hot Dip Galvanzed. Designed for Standard ISO 1161 Shipping Containers

Commercial Discus Lock with Stainless Steel Shackle

Maximum security padlock with Tough-Cut octagonal boron-carbide shackle. Keep your container secure with these hard to cut padlocks

Heavy Duty Laminated Steel Padlock with Key

Key lock is constructed with Dual-Armor protection: laminated steel core for strength surrounded by stainless steel & zinc outer components for weather resistance

Steel Heavy
Duty Cargo
Door Lock

Keyed lock to secure the double swing doors of a storage container to prevent theft. Adjustable to fit doors with vertical locking bars from 9-3/4" to 16" apart.

Bolt-on Cargo Security Lock

Bolt-on Container Lock

Heavy-duty, bolt-on lockbox for cargo shipping container doors.

Weld On Lock Box​

Weld On Lock Box

Lock box helps hide and protect your padlock from being cut or torched off with this lock box.

Bridge Fitting Clamp Lock

Bridge Fitting Clamp Lock

The bridge fittings’ unique twist-lock design makes it easy to connect and disconnect containers when the time is right.

Security Padlock​

Security Padlock

This long-lasting padlock is heel toe locking with a freely rotating hardened steel shackle. The design leaves no weak spots on the lock and prevents attacks by cutting or sawing.