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Shipping Container Farming

Shipping containers have become exceedingly popular for building houses, garages, restaurants, and a variety of other personal and commercial uses. Built to withstand the elements while keeping their contents safe and secure,

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Shipping container secured by a cross bar lock.

How To Secure A Shipping Container

Shipping containers are an extremely useful way to transport and store a variety of goods, from timber to luxury vehicles. They can even be repurposed to build houses, businesses, event venues and

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Shipping container twist lock

Shipping Container Twist Locks

What They Are, Why They’re Important, and How They Work Shipping Container Twist Locks are used to secure shipping containers together during transport either by ship, rail, or truck. Container twist locks

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Truck moving a shipping container

How To Move A Shipping Container

Whether you’re wondering how to transport a shipping container cross-country (even overseas) or simply move it short distances or on/off a truck, we have you covered.  Learn how to move shipping containers

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Shipping container anatomy

Anatomy Of A Shipping Container

The professionals at Container Sales Group help break down your most asked questions about shipping containers.  Call us at 708-639-4783. Shipping containers are strong metal boxes made of Cor-Ten Steel, designed to

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Avoid shipping container scams!

Shipping Container Scams

When purchasing a shipping container, it is important to not only do your homework on what type of container you need but who you are purchasing it from.  Most people get multiple

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Lease Shipping Container or Buy?

Rent Or Buy Your Container?

From new to used, 20ft. to 40ft., and standard to open top, shipping containers come in all types and sizes to suit your needs. In recent years, their uses have even extended

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Buy Shipping Containers Direct in Houston Texas

How To Buy A Shipping Container

What You Need To Consider Before Purchasing If you are looking to buy steel shipping containers for sale in Houston or throughout the United States, it is important to consider a few

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