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Shipping Containers for Sale Detroit, MI

 Welcome to Container Sales Group, a wholesaler of NEW & Used Shipping containers since 1998 in Detroit and the Great Metropolitan Surrounding Areas.  We offer various sizes and types of New/One-Trip,  Water Wind Tight & Cargo Worthy Conex containers with the most competitive prices and industry leading customer service.

Detroit History & Shipping Containers

Detroit, also known as MOTOR CITY, is the largest city in the state of Michigan. With an estimated population from 2023 of 635,276. Detroit is located on the Detroit River (connection Erie and St. Clair) opposite Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The Port of Detroit is supported by its extensive network of railroad freight routes and interstate highway system that makes Detroit a hub for container shipping throughout the United States.  Container Sales Group’s storage facility is located in Detroit and is super convenient for picking up your shipping container or have it professionally delivered.

Buying Used Shipping Containers in 2021 - Container Sales Group
Shipping container anatomy

How Detroit Buyers Save Money On Shipping Containers

Since 1998, CONTAINER SALES GROUP has been offering Michiganders competitive wholesale pricing, quality shipping containers and top-notch customer service throughout Detroit. We are your one stop shop for shipping containers for storage, building and export.

Call Container Sales Group at (708) 639-4783 for any questions on delivery.

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Popular Shipping Container Uses in Detroit

For many years steel shipping containers have been used mainly for export and storage.  But different industries in Detroit have found other uses for cargo containers and Container Sales Group has worked alongside of them to meet their requirements. 

Residential Uses For Shipping Containers

Michigan residents who build homes often choose from the 6 of the best shipping container home builders in the Detroit and surronding suburbs.

The reason shipping containers are so popular is that there are affordable, durable, and highly secure. The uses are endless: garages, sheds, workshops, greenhouses, tiny homes, homes for the homeless, hunting cabins, and more.

Commercial Uses For Shipping Containers

In Michigan, it’s nice to be rated the Nations 10th best state for business in 2023 according to CNBC. Along with large businesses, small businesses have seen economy growth as well.

Businesses large and small appreciate the flexiblity that New and Used shipping continaers give them to build retail stores, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, bars, banks, coffee shops and bathrooms.  

Fire & Police Departments use Shipping Containers

Local fire and police departments use shipping containers because they are portable, durable, and low cost.  Containers can serve so many different applications from training, to storing equipment and evidence, as well as for offices for local events.


Shipping containers can be re-purposed into mobile medical units that can be transported to disaster-stricken locations and used as emergency rooms, medical clinics, and isolation units. The advantage to using shipping containers as “containerized hospitals” or “field hospitals” is that they can be quickly transported and delivered in areas needing disaster assistance. Shipping containers are the most durable, cost-effective solution available that can be configured to meet various medical needs.

Agricultural Farming

Container farming can offer innovative solutions for modern agriculture, especially in areas where traditional farming methods face challenges due to space constraints, climate conditions, and the ability to grow crops year-round.   Hydroponic shipping containers can be equipped to function as self-contained growing systems that regulate temperature, humidity, and airflow to create optimal growing conditions.

How To Purchase A Shipping Container In Detroit

Container Sales Group is Detroit’s leading supplier of in stock New & Used shipping containers. As a wholesaler, we partner directly with the steamship lines to offer our customers the highest quality container at the most competitive prices in Detroit.

Choose the Condition- New or Used

New/One-Trip Container

New containers are ideal for export, building or storage.

Shipping Containers For Sale

Used Container

Water/Wind Tight containers are mainly used for building or storage purposes. Cargo Worthy containers are mostly used for export and can be also used for building or storage.

Choose the Size of Shipping Container for your needs

20ft. Shipping Containers:
20ft. containers are the most commonly used size. If you are looking to transport heavy cargo like machinery or raw materials, this may be the right container size for you.

40ft. Shipping Containers:
40ft. containers are, unsurprisingly, best for transporting bulkier items that may not fit into 20ft. containers, including furniture, vehicles, or large clothing shipments.

40ft. High Cube Containers:
If you need even more space than is offered by a standard 40ft. container, consider a 40ft. high cube, which offers an extra foot of vertical space compared to the 40ft. standard.

Choose Delivery or Pick-Up

Local Delivery*

Container Sales Group delivers locally throughout Detroit & surrounding suburbs (under 200 miles) with a tilt body/roll-off truck and places your shipping container directly on the ground.

Long Distance Delivery*

For delivery distances over 200 miles from Detroit, a flatbed truck is used requiring you to lift container off flatbed at time of arrival.

Local Pick-Up

You can also choose to pick up your container from our depot facility in Detroit. 

* Delivery Requirements:
• 20ft Container needs 50-75ft straight-line space
• 40ft or 2 x 20ft (moved together) Container need 120-130ft straight-line space
• Both sizes need 12ft width and 13ft of height clearance (16ft when trailer is tipped)

Delivery Cities Include:

Algonac, Allen Park, Auburn Hills, Belleville, Berkley, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Brighton, Brown City, Center Line, Clawson, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Detroit, Eastpointe, Ecorse, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Fenton, Ferndale, Flat Rock, Fraser, Garden City, Gibraltar, Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Woods, Hamtramck, Harper Woods, Hazel Park, Highland Park, Howell, Huntington Woods, Imlay City, Inkster, Keego Harbor, Lake Angelus, Lapeer, Lathrup Village, Lincoln Park, Livonia, Madison Heights, Marine City, Marysville, Melvindale, Memphis, Mount Clemens, New Baltimore, Northville, Novi, Oak Park, Orchard Lake Village, Pleasant Ridge, Plymouth, Pontiac, Port Huron, Richmond, River Rouge, Riverview, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Rockwood, Romulus, Roseville, Royal Oak, South Lyon, Southfield, Southgate, St. Clair, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, Sylvan Lake, Taylor, Trenton, Troy, Utica, Village of Clarkston, Village of Grosse Pointe Shores, Walled Lake, Warren, Wayne, Westland, Wixom, Woodhaven, Wyandotte, Yale

Delivery Zip Codes Include:

48001, 48002, 48003, 48005, 48006, 48009, 48014, 48015, 48017, 48021, 48022, 48023, 48025, 48026, 48027, 48028, 48030, 48032, 48033, 48034, 48035, 48036, 48038, 48039, 48040, 48041, 48042, 48043, 48044, 48045, 48047, 48048, 48049, 48050, 48051, 48054, 48059, 48060, 48062, 48063, 48064, 48065, 48066, 48067, 48069, 48070, 48071, 48072, 48073, 48074, 48075, 48076, 48079, 48080, 48081, 48082, 48083, 48084, 48085, 48088, 48089, 48091, 48092, 48093, 48094, 48095, 48096, 48097, 48098, 48101, 48111, 48114, 48116, 48120, 48122, 48124, 48125, 48126, 48127, 48128, 48134, 48135, 48137, 48138, 48139, 48141, 48143, 48146, 48150, 48152, 48154, 48164, 48165, 48167, 48168, 48169, 48170, 48173, 48174, 48178, 48180, 48183, 48184, 48185, 48186, 48187, 48188, 48189, 48192, 48193, 48195, 48201, 48202, 48203, 48204, 48205, 48206, 48207, 48208, 48209, 48210, 48211, 48212, 48213, 48214, 48215, 48216, 48217, 48218, 48219, 48220, 48221, 48223, 48224, 48225, 48226, 48227, 48228, 48229, 48230, 48233, 48234, 48235, 48236, 48237, 48238, 48239, 48240, 48242, 48243, 48301, 48302, 48304, 48306, 48307, 48309, 48310, 48312, 48313, 48314, 48315, 48316, 48317, 48320, 48322, 48323, 48324, 48326, 48327, 48328, 48329, 48331, 48334, 48335, 48336, 48340, 48341, 48342, 48346, 48348, 48350, 48353, 48356, 48357, 48359, 48360, 48362, 48363, 48367, 48370, 48371, 48374, 48375, 48377, 48380, 48381, 48382, 48383, 48386, 48390, 48393, 48397, 48412, 48416, 48418, 48421, 48423, 48428, 48430, 48435, 48438, 48439, 48440, 48442, 48444, 48446, 48451, 48453, 48455, 48461, 48462, 48464, 48727, 48744, 48760, 48816, 48836, 48843, 48855, 48872, 48892, 49285 and more. Not sure if you are in our delivery radius, just ask.

Detroit Businesses Who Trust Container Sales Group For Their Shipping Container Needs

With experience since 1998 as a wholesaler of new, used & specialized shipping containers in Detroit, Container Sales Group offers quality products at competitive pricing. We have sold to many F500 businesses, schools, builders, farmers, freight forwarders, and residential customers with industry-leading customer service. See our Google reviews »

Quality, Affordable Shipping Containers for Sale in Detroit, MI

Detroit Weather and Shipping Containers

Shipping containers in snow

When purchasing a shipping container in Detroit, it is important to consider the weather conditions and how they might affect the container and its contents.  There are four main seasons with varying weather conditions throughout the year.   Here are some additional tactics on trying to keep control of the air quality inside your shipping year-round.

1. Temperature fluctuations:
Detroit experiences cold winters with temperatures often dropping below freezing. During winter, it’s important to a consider climate-controlled controlled system or to insulate your shipping container if you plan to store items that are sensitive to extreme cold to avoid damage.

2. Humidity and Moisture:
Summers in Detroit can be hot and humid which can lead to moisture buildup inside of the container. Most shipping containers have 1 or 2 pre-installed vents for minimal air flow; however, some people choose to add additional vents or a fan, or even consider installing a mega solar roof blaster.

Another suggestion for moisture is to place a moisture absorber at each end of the shipping container to absorb moisture. It’s inexpensive but requires monitoring and regular replacement based on the humidity level. 

3. Precipitation:
Detroit receives a fair amount of rainfall throughout the year which over time can seep into the container through gaps or leaks in the roof. Properly sealing the container maintains its structural integrity and extends the lifetime of the cargo box.  It is easy to apply a silicone roof coating on top of the container which offers superior waterproofing protection. Also keeping the shipping container on blocks or railroad ties keeps it directly off the ground and out of standing water which could warp the floors.

4. Snow and Ice:
During Detroit winters, snow and ice can easily accumulate on the shipping container’s roof and cause structural damage or leaks. It is important to regularly clear snow and ice from the container’s roof to prevent these issues.

We offer a variety of shipping container accessories from extra vents and fans to locks and ramps.  Visit our online accessory page »

Example of a shipping container vent