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How to Move Shipping Containers

The most popular types of trucks and trailers used to move shipping containers:

Rollback or tilt-bed truck – Rollback trucks, also referred to as flatbed tow trucks, are a popular option when the containers aren’t too heavy. Their unique tilt-bed design allows you to use the incline for sliding the container onto the ground. If you want to transport the container below 200 miles and unload without additional equipment, you should use a tilt-bed truck. 

Shipping container weight: 20 feet, approximately 5,000 lbs. – The length is approximately 40 feet and the weight is 8,000 lbs. With a step-deck truck, a container can also be stored on a flat platform lining the bottom of the truck.

The only difference here is that its platform is lower to the ground. This enables you to carry relatively taller, high-cube containers.

In either case, it will be necessary to use either a crane or a forklift to move the container from the bed of the truck. Shipping container weight: 40 ft High Cube approx 8,500 lbs. To all long-distance movers below are tips on how to move a shipping container without heavy equipment.

Tips Using Different Sizes of Shipping Containers Transport

Relocating or moving, packing loading, and unloading to another place can be really fun, especially if it is cross country move. Nonetheless, you will have to move equipment most or all of your possessions and this can prove both extremely stressful and tiring. Furniture and heavy appliances can also be part of this. In most cases, a moving truck or cargo van will be sufficient for moving all of your personal items; however, there may be cases when bigger moving and storage solutions, such as shipping containers delivery, are needed.

You have to think about logistics when it is long-distance moving or shipping your personal items across the country overseas. It is cost-effective to rent and use shipping containers in this type of situation. Choosing the right transport companies will allow you to fit all your items in just one container, saving you money in the long run. Indeed, hiring a container of the right size that is suitable for your needs will help you to cut down on moving costs.

Most shipping containers are made of steel and they will be able to hold items that are heavy. However, you must first determine how many items you need to move.

  • To hire a shipping container, know how many items you need to move or store.
  • Determine the size of the available equipment. You can choose from the most common sizes.
  • If the items you need to ship will fit in your small garage, choose the smaller one.
  • Find out what material the container is made of.
  • When hiring, keep in mind that the material of the container will also determine how much weight it will be able to withstand.

Your best moving process option, therefore, is to use steel containers, and you will benefit from choosing a reputable supplier as well. Some companies specialize in only moving containers and moving heavy machinery, while others specialize in moving furniture and now offer containers as an additional service. The benefits of shipping with a container include more control over the move, fewer hassles, and a lower cost.

Obviously, some shipping containers are larger than others, so keep that in mind but using bigger containers is earth-friendly because it can save you money by not having to rent smaller containers or paying to store more than one container. Moving by shipping container is eco-friendly because it eliminates the need to drive a big rental truck, which is a huge advantage especially if it’s international moves. Most companies will deliver the container to your new home.

Their storage service will keep it for you for as long as you need it. A shipping container home can come in handy if you get a new job but do not have a place to live in your new location yet. If you have your personal equipment to move overseas especially heavy items, you need to consider the logistics of such a large operation.

A good and environmentally friendly long-distance moving company or moving industry will only sell high-quality containers, and they will be able to make any necessary modifications to make your storage space work for you. You will be able to find the best shipping containers for your relocation when you seek the help of these experts.

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    Thanks so much for explaining how a shipping container gets moved. My uncle recently bought one to turn into a sort of tool shed. He’s been looking into how he wants to move the thing and a crane seems like his best option.

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