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Why Choose Water/Wind Tight Shipping Containers

Our environment is undergoing transformation, and it’s increasingly evident that we must adopt sustainable practices.  One way is to reuse and recycle shipping containers after they have moved product overseas for many years. Generally, shipping lines and leasing companies will keep a container in service for 10-15 years, then they will off-hire the units to depot facilities around the county to be sold to wholesalers like Container Sales Group. Shipping Containers are made of strong Corten Steel and built to withstand the harsh weather conditions of moving cargo overseas. The durability and affordability of these units make shipping containers a popular option for storage units, living spaces and offices. 

Used shipping containers are rectangular storage containers composed of durable steel components that are used to contain products for shipping.

What Are Water/Wind Tight (WWT) Shipping Containers?

Water/Wind Tight (WWT) shipping containers are a classification used in the shipping and logistics industry to describe containers that meet specific standards regarding their condition. Typically, you can expect a used WWT container have no holes protecting the internal contents of the unit from normal weather conditions. In addition to being watertight, WWT containers are also wind-tight, meaning they are effectively sealed to prevent wind from entering the container and potentially causing damage to the contents stored in the unit. WWT Containers are typically 10-15 years of age and may have visible rust, dings, dents, or professional patches but are still deemed Water/Wind Tight for storage. Container Sales Groups’ WWT containers are not only affordable and functional, but we guarantee their condition.

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Benefits of Using Water/Wind Tight Containers

  • Durable– Constructed with Corten steel which is engineered to be corrosion resistant.  
  • Cost-Effective- When building with a shipping container you can save money over conventional wood or concrete materials as well as construction time.
  • Portable– Convenient for delivery with a roll off or flatbed truck.  Easy to move to other locations.
  • Secure- Built with solid steel walls and reinforced corners the deter break-ins and vandalism. They block dust, wind, and water from entering inside.  Also, with various locking systems added you can prevent any thief.
  • Customizable- Modify any water/wind tight shipping container into an office, pop up shop, home etc. by adding doors, windows, and other customization’s.
  • Space Efficiency– WWT come in standardized sizes of 20ft or 40 ft in length. Because of the uniform dimensions this allows for easy vertical stacking when space is limited.  
  • Environmentally Friendly- Containers promote eco-friendly living by repurposing materials, conserving resources, and offering a solid framework that contributes to sustainability.

Ready to purchase a shipping container? Reach out today to get a quote from the best in the industry!


When you are considering building or storing your items, always know your investment using Water/Wind Tight Shipping Containers is your BEST choice.

When you buy from Container Sales Group, we offer NEW or USED shipping containers that are structurally sound, water/wind tight, rodent proof, have solid floors as well as doors that open and close properly.  We offer various sizes and specialized shipping containers at the most competitive prices. Just call 708-639-4783 or Get a Quote

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Container Sales Group buys containers directly from the steamship lines to offer our customers the highest quality containers at the most competitive prices. We’re a women-owned business, established in 1998, and have locations throughout the US.

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