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How To Move A Shipping Containers?

The Value Of Purchasing Multiple Shipping Containers For Your Organization

Purchasing multiple shipping containers can offer several benefits to organizations looking to save money. Buying in bulk often leads to cost efficiencies, as it typically results in discounts or reduced unit costs compared to purchasing containers individually. Organizations can save money by avoiding continuous rental fees common with leased storage or temporary space solutions. The potential for customization is another significant advantage, as multiple containers can be converted into modular offices, on-site storage, or temporary facilities, streamlining operations at remote sites or during expansions. Keep in mind that shipping containers can hold their value and may be resold or repurposed in the future, adding to their overall asset value.

How Bulk Shipping Containers Meet Diverse Business Need

Storage – Inventory or Logistics and Distribution: Offer safe, weather-resistant storage for inventory, equipment, and supplies as mobile warehouses, minimizing the reliance on costly warehouse facilities.

Offices – Temporary or Remote: Can be transformed into temporary offices or work-spaces, ideal for use on construction sites, during disaster recovery operations, or at remote project sites.

Retail Spaces – Modular: Function as pop-up shops or temporary retail spaces, enabling companies to broaden their market reach swiftly and affordably.

Construction and Manufacturing: Store materials, tools, and machinery on construction sites or in manufacturing facilities, ensuring streamlined operations and site organization.

Emergency Response: Utilized as emergency shelters, medical clinics, or storage facilities for disaster relief supplies during emergencies and natural disasters.

Ready to purchase a shipping container? Reach out today to get a quote from the best in the industry!

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Multiple Shipping Containers

Find a Reputable Supplier: Don’t get scammed! Verify the shipping container seller offers the highest customer service ratings as well as several years of experience in the industry. Make sure they have recent Google Reviews.

Quantity and Size: Evaluate the number of containers required and their dimensions according to the volume and nature of goods intended for storage or transportation if going overseas.  Consider standard sizes (8ft 6in high) such as 20ft or 40ft containers and assess whether high cube height (9 ft 6in high) versions are required.

Condition: Consider whether to purchase new or used containers based on your budget and aesthetic preferences. Used containers may require a thorough examination for signs of wear, structural integrity, and required modifications.

Exporting : Verify that the containers comply with industry standards and certifications (like ISO standards for shipping containers) to ensure they are suitable for safe and efficient utilization.

Transportation: Prepare for the transporting the containers to your destination. Factor in required space for delivery, shipping expenses, delivery schedules, and any specialized equipment needed.

Cost: Does vendor offer volume discounts?

Legal and Regulatory Requirements: Ensure compliance with local regulations and zoning laws regarding the use of shipping containers for storage, offices, or other purposes in your area.

Ready to purchase a shipping container? Reach out today to get a quote from the best in the industry!

Remington Mulch in Fairfax, VA


Just ask Remington Mulch in Fairfax, VA about buying shipping containers in volume to save money.  They used the shipping containers they purchased from us as a protective barrier around their property to increase security and block out noise from their machines to the neighboring businesses. 

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