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 6 Reasons To Buy Shipping Container Garage or Sheds

Shipping containers have always been used for storage and transporting products overseas.  New and Used Shipping Containers have increased in popularity and are now being used to build homes, restaurants, retail shops, schools, and more.  Many customers are using these strong Cor-ten Steel shipping containers (also known as conex boxes) for garages or storage sheds because they are extremely durable, low maintenance, and secure.  Building a garage with storage containers can be fast, simple, and affordable (especially when built from a used 20ft or 40ft container).  Shipping container garages can be small and built out of one container or larger by using multiple shipping containers. 

Here are 6 Reasons People Use Shipping Containers For Garages, Sheds, and Workshops

  1. Durable. Shipping containers are extremely durable as they are made out of strong Cor-ten Steel material which is made to withstand the inclement weather of moving cargo overseas.  Even a used, retired shipping container can last for decades if properly maintained.  
  2. Affordable. Shipping container garages sheds and workshops are more affordable than building a new structure with brick, concrete, or wood.  Used shipping container boxes are even more affordable and still a durable option to consider.
  3. Portable. Shipping container garage sheds and workshops are portable and can be moved anywhere. Disassembling and reassembling these shipping container structures is easier than any other construction material.
  4. Customizable. Shipping containers are generally easy to modify. Many people insulate their shipping container garage shed while others add windows, additional doors, HVAC, electricity, shelves, internal partitions, and much more. 
  5. Rodent Proof. Wooden garages and sheds are extremely difficult to keep rodents out of.  It’s been proven that mice can sneak into a hole as small as ¼” in diameter.  Rodents can cause expensive repair bills as well as equipment downtime.  Cor-Ten Steel shipping containers are rodent-proof.  The doors of a container are double gasketed forming extremely tight weather, insect, and rodent-proof seal.
  6. Secure. Perhaps the greatest advantage of storage containers is that they are much more secure than garages or sheds.  The 14-gauge Cor-Ten Steel construction will keep out even the most tenacious of thieves.

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