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Budget Friendly Ways Agricultural & Farming Industries Are Using Shipping Containers

Agriculture includes all aspects of food production, and farming specifically refers to the physical act of tending to livestock and crops.  However, they share common priorities in terms of cost saving measures, improving efficiency, and optimizing storage.

Shipping containers, originally designed to withstand harsh environments moving cargo overseas, now serve multiple purposes for the agriculture and farming industry.

Shipping container on a farm

Here are several advantages these durable steel structures offer:


  • Shipping containers are often more affordable than constructing traditional buildings from scratch.
  • Repurposing containers reduces material costs, labor expenses, and construction time.


  • Containers are made of sturdy steel, designed to withstand harsh conditions during transportation.
  • They can endure extreme weather, pests, and wear, making them a durable choice for farm structures.


  • Containers can be modified to suit various needs: storage, workshops, barns, or even living spaces.
  • Their modular design allows flexibility in layout and function.

Rapid Setup:

  • Containers are ready-made structures. Once delivered, they can be quickly placed on the ground and put to use.
  • This speed is especially beneficial for urgent storage needs or temporary solutions.


  • Containers are portable. Farmers can relocate them as needed without extensive disassembly.
  • Ideal for changing farm layouts or for seasonal requirements.


  • Repurposing shipping containers reduces waste and promotes sustainability.
  • Recycling existing containers minimizes the environmental impact of construction.

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Shipping Containers On Farms

Farmers can creatively utilize shipping containers to enhance efficiency, storage, and functionality on their farms. Some examples are:

Tractor & Equipment Storage:

  • Shipping containers serve as secure and organized storage for tractors, large machinery, and other motorized equipment.
  • Protects valuable assets from the weather elements and potential theft.

Feed Storage:

  • Water/wind tight shipping containers keep animal feed dry during harsh weather.
  • Farmers use them to safeguard feed from pests like rodents and insects.  Add shelves for extra storage.

Livestock Medicine Storage:

  •  Modified to include insulation and climate control systems to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels for storing livestock medicines.
  • This helps prevent spoilage and degradation of medications due to exposure to extreme temperatures.

Shipping Container Barn:

  • Farmers rely on flexible and cost-effective shelter solution.
  • Can convert shipping containers for barns as protective structures for animals, hay storage or workshops.

Feeding Container Station:

  • Containers can be modified to create feeding stations for animals.
  • They protect feed from weather and allow controlled access for livestock.

Hydroponic Farming Units:

  • Year-round crop production.
  • Farmers set up hydroponic systems inside containers, controlling factors like temperature, light, and water levels, preventing crop damage from insects and animals.

Innovative and practical, shipping containers offer farmers versatile solutions for their unique needs. Shipping containers are not only more sustainable but economical for farmers compared to traditional wooden structures or barns.

Ready to purchase a shipping container? Reach out today to get a quote from the best in the industry!

Cost Comparison

Shipping Container Barn:

  • Repurposed shipping containers provide an affordable and eco-friendly option.
  • Building a container barn typically costs around $15.63 to $21.71 per square foot.

Traditional Barn:

  • Traditional barns are generally more expensive.
  • The cost of building a traditional barn can range from $30 to $150 per square foot.


In summary, shipping containers offer practicality, durability, and cost savings, making them an attractive choice for farmers seeking efficient and adaptable structures.  To get a quote call us at 708-639-4782 or complete our request a quote form.

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